In  Polsat Plus Group we are convinced that state-of-the-art technology may not only improve daily life, but above all save human lives.

In  Polsat Plus Group we are convinced that state-of-the-art technology may not only improve daily life, but above all save human lives. We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with rescue services operating in Polish mountains and by the water. For a number of years now Plus has been supporting rescuers in their activities, financing their training and donating funds for the purchase of specialized equipment. The year 2020 marks the 17th anniversary of our cooperation with WOPR, MOPR as well as TOPR and GOPR rescue units.

However, above all, thanks to our technology we have created a rescue system which has saved the health and life of many people in recent years.

The waterside emergency number

601 100 100

The emergency number in the mountains

601 100 300


Good practice

Integrated rescue system and “rescue” application

Thanks to the efforts undertaken jointly with the rescue units (WOPR, MOPR, GOPR, TOPR), Plus launched the Integrated Rescue System, which system monitors the most popular tourist regions while watching over the safety of hundreds of thousands of people and enabling efficient communication with rescue units.

The two emergency numbers – 601 100 100 and 601 100 300:

  • can be accessed from all mobile and fixed-line networks in Poland,
  • operate all-year-round and round-the-clock all over Poland.

The system is supplemented by the free Ratunek (Rescue) application. Its key advantage is the location functionality which substantially shortens the time required to locate the injured person (by even up to 20 minutes). The application supports connection to the nearest rescue units’ station and while a call with the rescue unit is in progress it sends an SMS with the caller’s location to the rescuers.

Four simple steps is all that is needed to call help:

  1. Select your location – by the water or in the mountains.
  2. Call help – by pressing the button three times (the application will either connect with the number for emergencies in the mountains - 601 100 300 or the number for emergencies by the water - 601 100 100).
  3. Send your location by SMS (the application automatically sends the caller’s location by SMS while a call is in progress).
  4. Confirm your request for help (if a request is confirmed, either by SMS or by a voice call, the rescuers will have no doubt as to whether to start the rescue action, or not).

RESCUE application is the only approved application and it is an element of the system for notifying of an accident which is used by the voluntary rescue units.

At the end of 2020 the Rescue application had over 135 thousand users.

Examples of successful rescue actions initiated by calls to emergency numbers and use of Rescue application in  2020:
  • GOPR Podhale Mountain Rescue unit to the rescue of “Mountain walruses” (January 2021)
    a notification about 5 people requiring urgent help of rescuers in the area of Babia Góra, the condition of one of the women participating in this failed attempt prevented the group from returning by themselves. After reaching the victim, the rescuers protected her thermally, put on the stretchers and then started the transport towards Krowiarki pass, where she was transferred to an ambulance.

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  • Rescue mission to the area of Barania Góra (January 2020)
    dispatchers of SR Przysłop received a notification from CSR Szczyrk about 2 missing persons who were going along the black route to the peak of Barania Góra and to the mountain chalet at Przysłop. Along with the phone notification, the rescuers received coordinates of the place where the missing persons were located. It was possible to determine their location thanks to the “Rescue” application. Tourists were found in the indicated place to which the rescuers had to go on foot through big snow.

  • MOPR (July 2020)
    a notification was received at the emergency line 601 100 100 concerning a 21 years old women who suffered a seizure. Thanks to a long conversation and “Rescue” application it was possible to determine an exact location of the yacht, which shows how important is tracking the cruise of a boat and knowledge of a topography of lakes, at least to the minimum degree.
  • WOPR Sopot in 2020 
    Water Rescue Coordination Centre in Sopot coordinated the total of 413 rescue actions in which 530 people needed help. During these actions the total of 489 people have been saved, but – despite efforts of all rescue services – also 34 deaths were recorded. Rescuers from WOPR Sopot, similarly to dispatchers from CKRW Sopot, had a lot of work – they were directly involved in 117 actions in which 133 people expected help. They managed to provide aid to 124 people, unfortunately despite their efforts 5 people died.